ok aviation

OK AVIATION Group, a.s.

Letiště Příbram
Drásov 201
261 01 Příbram

Tel (+420) 318 690 644
Fax (+420) 318 690 645

Letiště Příbram - LKPM
N 49°43.2 E 14°06.0
Elevation 1529 ft
RWY 06-24
info 118,755 MHz

Welcome to the OK AVIATION GROUP website

We are a group of companies operating in the field of general aviation. We offer sales of private aircraft and aviation supplies, as well as various aviation services. We represent the top international brands in the field, e.g. (in alphabetical order): Cirrus Aircraft, David Clark, Dynamic, Flight Design, Jeppesen, Garmin, Pilatus Aircraft, Piper Aircraft and others on the Central and Eastern European markets. In the almost 20 years we are in business we’ve achieved such professionalism and expertise that no one else in the field can boast about.

Our group of companies is currently undergoing a legal transformation into a holding arrangement and this is accompanied by the essential renovation of our web presentation. Therefore please excuse any temporary unavailability of certain information on this website. We kindly ask you to also visit the websites of our subsidiaries with their respective products.

OK Aviation Sales

We offer Piper and Pilatus brand private and corporate jets.

OK Aviation Sales
OK Aviation Base

We offer Piper, Cirrus, CT and Dynamic brand private and recreational aircraft.

OK Aviation Base
OK Aviation Service

Service and repair of UL aircraft, client and handling services, installation of avionics.

OK Aviation Service

NetFlight – most rational method of owning a plane for business and recreation.