ok aviation

OK AVIATION Group, a.s.

Letiště Příbram
Drásov 201
261 01 Příbram

Tel (+420) 318 690 644
Fax (+420) 318 690 645

Letiště Příbram - LKPM
N 49°43.2 E 14°06.0
Elevation 1529 ft
RWY 06-24
info 118,755 MHz


We are providing services in the field of civil aviation since 1989. Since 1998 we operate as a limited liability corporation under the name Pilot Services, s.r.o. and starting from 1. 1. 2004 as a joint stock company under the name Piper OK, a.s.

Our primary objective is the development of private and corporate aviation in the Czech Republic. We specialize in importing Piper and Pilatus brand business aircraft, furthermore the sale of small private aircraft PIPER, CIRRUS and also ultralight aircraft WT9 Dynamic a CSTW.

1998 – founding Pilot Services, s.r.o.

1999 – obtaining an exclusive representation of the American company the New Piper Aircraft, Inc. for the sale of Piper aircraft in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

2004 – cutting back on operation of Pilot Services, s.r.o. and establishment of the joint stock company ‘Piper OK, a.s.’. Piper OK, a.s. takes over not only exclusive representation of the of Piper aircraft for CZ and SK, but also becomes the exclusive importer for the Czech Republic of modern full composite ultra light aircraft WT-9 Dynamic manufactured by Slovak Aerospool, s.r.o.

2005 – expanding Piper OK, a.s. by a sister company ‘Cirrus OK, s.r.o.’. Cirrus OK, s.r.o. obtains exclusive representation of the American company Cirrus Design Corporation to import modern composite Cirrus aircraft into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cirrus Design Corporation has currently climbed up to rank first among single engine four seat private aircraft in the world.

2005 - 2006 – Development of own operation center in Příbram, which the company moved into in the summer of 2006.

2006 – Expansion of service portfolio by sister company OK Aircraft Service, s.r.o., which performs service and repairs on UL aircraft, installation of avionics into UL and also provides handling services at the Příbram Airport.

2006 – commencement of the NetFlight program

2008 – increase in sales volume and activities relative to UL and obtaining representation of the German CTSW inspired us to found another sister company OK Light Aircraft, s.r.o., a company into which we also shifted the sales of UL WT-9 DYNAMIC.

November 2009 – signed representation of the Swiss company PILATUS

2010 – preparation of the transformation of PIPER OK, a.s. into OK Aviation Group, a.s., where all of our s.r.o. (LLC) businesses will be merged into the subsidiary corporate structure

Piper OK, a.s. holds the following permits and certificates:

  • Permit to operate aviation work (aircraft)
  • Permit to perform aviation activities for own needs (aircraft)
  • Certificate of a registered facility for aircraft pilots (training private pilots)